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The workshop is designed to encourage your teams to think outside the box and come up with fresh, effective solutions to key issues.

What is an ideation workshop?

A fast-paced, structured workshop, aimed at getting concrete ideas that could be your next products or services. We use tried and tested frameworks to guide you in problem identification, brainstorming, and idea selection, leaving you and your team with several ready-to-use ideas.

The workshop can be included in team building, strategy day, or any company activities to inspire your employees.

The workshop consists of a number of tailored exercises that will ultimately lead to several concrete ideas you can start working on right away.

A great ideation session with team! It was so inspirational to see the team generate close to 500 ideas in such a short time. We are changing our mindset as an organisation. 3 weeks on and we are already getting some success with the ideas we're taking to execution. Ideation is working for us!

Jonathan Mercer

Vice President, HEMPEL Energy Asia Pacific

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A workshop designed to drive creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving

We don't just help you come up with ideas, we also guide you on how to market validate selected ideas that obtain real insights on potential customers' buying intent.

01 Introduction

Introduction to the ideation workshop, as well as proven tactics for market validating the ideas your teams would be coming up with during the workshop.

02 Creative exercises

Your team will go through different exercises to get the ideas flowing and come up with new solutions to different challenges within your company.

03 Company case exercise

Formulate concrete solutions to current problems your customers are facing. The case will be predetermined to ensure that we cover relevant strategic goals of your company.

04 Idea validation

Go through how selected ideas can be market tested in a way that provides your company real insights on its market relevance and core positioning.

Quickly create ready-to-go ideas!

Our proven frameworks will guide your team through problem identification, brainstorming, and idea selection, leaving you with ready-to-go ideas.

More details about the workshop

Intended audience

Who is it for?

Large companies that want to explore new ideas and approaches to challenges.


How long is the workshop?

4 - 5 hours including breaks. The workshop can be done on-site or remotely.


How much does one workshop cost?

EUR 6,900 (excl. VAT & transportation) for a maximum of 20 participants.

(Note: this is the price before the January offer)


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