Avoid wasting resources building products that won’t sell

We're not your average consultants. We're hands-on. We don't just advise; we dive in to help you gather real market data for your new product. With us, you'll make informed decisions that fuel innovation.

Trusted by innovative companies worldwide

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B2B Insurance

Assessing market interest and branding of Tryg's new digital solution for small businesses.


Validating the brand significance, price models, and concept understanding of a new offering.


Venture Studio

Validate potential market interest for a new startup concept to build a business case for investors.


We are a team of innovation and market validation experts

We help innovation and product teams across the globe build new products with confidence. Our team of experts validates or invalidates assumptions, questions, or gut feelings in the real market before companies invest heavily in full-scale development.

Trust data, not your guts

Make informed decisions backed by comprehensive insights at every step of your innovation and product journey. 

Get a crystal-clear picture of how the market will react to your products before investing resources in developing them.

Bring new products to life with speed, objectivity, and accuracy, and get ahead of your competitors.

Channel your team's energy into perfecting your product, while we handle all your market validation needs and insights.


Trusted by innovative companies worldwide

We work with countless large and innovative organizations around the world. We help our clients bring the right ideas to market, using our laser-focused validation approach.

  • With pree.to, we got access to experts that tested our business ideas in the market from A-Z. We received crucial input that challenged our starting point and lifted our ideas to even greater heights.

    Line Dalsfort

    Director - Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery, Tryg

  • Working with pree.to provided us with a quick understanding of different areas of our new product offering before we launch. Fast-paced and agile, they delivered critical market feedback at a rapid pace.

    Janna Berg

    Senior Brand Manager, Nestlé

  • Pree.to provided invaluable knowledge of what works and which darlings should be dropped. Be prepared to get wiser. One moment, you are part of a creative whirlwind, the next, a spectator to a team that knows their home ground really well.

    Kåre Carlsen

    Head of Innovation, FDM

  • With pree.to, we obtained invaluable insights into our customers’ sincere intentions - and not just the usual “I would probably buy the product if it was available” kind of feedback.

    Nicolai Karger

    Head of Demand Management, Telia Telecom Company


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