Is your company investing millions in developing new products that don't generate profits?

Our innovative market research and validation process helps companies de-risk new businesses and product development by validating new products and service ideas objectively, so you can focus on those that meet what the market needs now

Trusted by innovative insurance companies worldwide

of all new ideas fail in the market mostly due to a lack of market interest. 

Objective market validation with our Validation as a Service

Say goodbye to wasted time, money, and effort on products with no market potential. With by your side, we'll be your innovation partner, ensuring that your new products and services have a stamp of approval before you invest in development resources. Our validation process is designed to keep you ahead of the game and avoid costly mistakes down the line. 


Iterative testing & real buying intent as your innovation GPS

Behind every great product are many small, incremental changes driven by iterative testing. Use customers' real buying intent and behavior to direct your product development decisions, so you can build a product that mirrors what the market wants.

We always provide real buying intent data, not opinions

Organizations have been relying on focus groups, gut feelings, and desktop research to validate market interests. But none of it can give a precise picture of what will happen when you launch. 

Our validation approach simulates the core experience of a product (including non-existing products) as if the product already exists to see how your potential customers truly react. 

We work with you throughout your stage-gate model

Our data-driven, customer-centric approach empowers your innovation process like never before. We test your new products or services as early as possible in the stage-gate process. This way, your innovation decisions are based on actual customer feedback and buying intent, and you work efficiently to get new products to market.

data-driven stage gate innovation process

Validation as a Service (VaaS)

With VaaS, we become your trusted partner in your continuous product development and market validation needs. As a partner, we’ll challenge your product assumptions, validate your hypotheses, and bring our years of experience to help you develop market-driven products and services that meet customers’ needs.

Gain a team of experts in market validation

You'll gain a team of experts with diverse skill sets that have developed laser-focused market validation processes. We’ll handle all your market validation needs in every stage of your business.

Obtain unbiased feedback for your product development

Eliminate the guesswork by validating early in the stage-gate process. Acting on real market insights becomes part of your DNA and you deviate from using biased market opinions and insights.

Allocate resources on products with market potential

By validating new products and services early in the stage-gate process (before building a prototype or MVP), you avoid spending resources building products that the market won't buy.


Trusted by innovative companies worldwide

We work with countless large and innovative organizations around the world. We help our clients bring the right ideas to market, using our laser-focused validation approach.

  • With, we got access to experts that tested our business ideas in the market from A-Z. We received crucial input that challenged our starting point and lifted our ideas to even greater heights.

    Line Dalsfort

    Director - Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery, Tryg

  • Working with provided us with a quick understanding of different areas of our new product offering before we launch. Fast-paced and agile, they delivered critical market feedback at a rapid pace.

    Janna Berg

    Senior Brand Manager, Nestlé

  • provided invaluable knowledge of what works and which darlings should be dropped. Be prepared to get wiser. One moment, you are part of a creative whirlwind, the next, a spectator to a team that knows their home ground really well.

    Kåre Carlsen

    Head of Innovation, FDM


The new way of innovating

Many organizations do not have enough bandwidth to continuously innovate new product ideas and sustain increasing growth. We can help you elevate your innovation, so you can foster creativity in your organization and start working strategically to get a better understanding of the market.

Ideation workshop

A combination of bursts of creativity and structured problem-solving. This workshop is aimed at facilitating creativity and getting concrete ideas for existing problems in the organization.

Pretotyping workshops/talks

Pretotyping is a market validation method used by successful companies such as Google and Amazon, and allows organizations to determine market-potential through real customer insights.

Pretotyping talk is a good introduction point for companies that are not familiar with pretotyping. Pretotyping workshop is for companies that want to transform their validation process and competencies.

Our pretotyping workshops and talks are led by Tim Vang, one of the world’s leading experts in pretotyping. 


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