How helped Tryg obtain insights into Trisky's market viability, branding, and core audience

10 February 2023

We recently sat down with Line Dalsfort, Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery at Tryg, to discuss their innovation approach. Watch the video as Line introduces Trisky, Tryg's newly launched insurance app powered by Risika. Trisky is a new web application that gives companies notifications directly in their ERP system if there are changes in your company that affect their insurance needs.

Line talks about Trisky's early development stages and how helped them obtain unbiased insights to determine its market viability. conducted market research and validation tests to determine if there is a market interest for the product from start-up companies. The test also included ways to identify who Tryg's core customers could be, how the value offering should be communicated, and how the brand elements can be visualized to attract the targeted customers' attention.

As Line explains:

"We found that this very honest validation in the market is an important insight for us to have. Our team's goal is to generate new revenue for Tryg and find some value propositions that customers are willing to pay for."

Tryg is one of our VaaS clients and we work closely with its Nordic Innovation Discovery team to constantly conduct market validation tests in a systematic approach, ensuring that Tryg's product development efforts are focused on ideas with the highest potential for success.

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