Validating brand significance, price models, and concept understanding

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About FDM

FDM is an association of car owners, with over 250,000 household memberships, dedicated to protecting the interests of motorists.

The Product

A bundle offering for vehicle owners that includes home charging for electric vehicles in combination with electricity for the household.

The Objectives

FDM was seeking help in communicating a rather complex concept offering. Moreover, they were aiming to gain insights into the effect of different elements such as differentiated price models, brand significance, and overall conceptual framing.

The Challenge

To create a tailored online test setup that simulates the core experience of different concept variations and provide market-validated insights on the attractiveness of a bundled concept with EV chargers and electricity for the household.

Test the appeal of two different brands on the concept offering

Test the appeal of two different price models

Test the appeal of three different concept frameworks - “Standard”, “Green” and “Car”

Test Setup

To achieve the objectives, four unique landing pages were developed and a total of six tests were run simultaneously to capture the significance of each differentiated element.


Multiple digital campaigns with different concept variations were created and A/B/n tested on Meta. Curious consumers were sent to designated landing pages and interested consumers were converted through a Call-To-Action (button) on the landing pages, who were then sent to a questionnaire capturing insights about conceptual understanding.


The aggregated results from the tests provided FDM with clear insights into key questions that are crucial for prioritizing future work. Each of the test purposes was evaluated and tailored recommendations for further testing were formulated.

Overall, the results showed that the concepts garnered curiosity that is above-market level. However, the concepts' conversion rates were low. Two of the 4 concepts presented appealed to the audience the most and showed the highest conversions throughout the tests. 

The test presented a product offering that includes home-charging and household electricity solutions. However, the results from the questionnaire revealed that the majority of the respondents did not what was included in the bundle. Thus, communication needs readjustment to ensure that both elements of the offering are showcased and presented as an offering.

*The test includes more data on online customer behavior that is not presented in this case study.

"'s should be a part of any idea and concept development. Their method provides an invaluable knowledge of what works and which darlings should be put aside. At FDM, we work closely with to create empirical evidence and confirm or refute our hypotheses within product development."

Kåre Carlsen

Head of Innovation, FDM

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