We are a creative team of data-driven experts who embrace failing fast to learn quickly

Here at pree.to, we are not afraid of failures. In fact, we believe that the sooner we find out if an idea is bad, the closer we get to finding the great one.

pree.to is a leading innovation partner of organisations around the world.

Our mission remains the same – to help companies gain an innovation culture where failing fast, learning quickly and creating again becomes a common practice.

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How it all started

The story behind pree.to began in 2012, when a group of Danish business leaders visited Google as part of a corporate exchange program. During the visit, Esben Gadsbøll (WhiteAway) and Jesper Kring (KRING Venture Studio), among others, were introduced to the pretotyping concept by Alberto Savoia. Alberto was Google’s then Engineering Director and was the mastermind behind the pretotyping method.


Tim Vang (pree.to co-founder) was subsequently flown over to Google and was personally trained by Alberto on the ins and outs of pretotyping.

pree.to has been known in its field as pretotyping experts and has been working on spreading the pretotyping knowledge through workshops hosted by Tim. As we aim to change how companies innovate, we want to instil a customer-centric mindset at the very early stage of a company’s innovation process – the idea validation stage.

Now, pree.to serves as a leading innovation partner of some of world’s largest innovative companies. We conduct rapid market validation experiments to help companies obtain unbiased insights, so they can determine which ideas to drop or pursue.

Meet Tim, Pree.to’s Co-Founder

Tim has led several innovation teams, set up incubators, and helped start a large number of companies. He is passionate about creating better conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship by testing and launching ideas smarter, cheaper, and more securely.

Since his visit and training with Alberto Savoia in 2012, Tim has been working with both Danish and international companies to implement pretotyping as a common method in their innovation processes.

Quoe from Tim: “Take risks”

The Godfather of Pretotyping – Alverto Savioa

A good friend of Pree.to, Alberto Savoia, is the mastermind behind the pretotyping method.

Today, Alberto continues to spread the tool to corporates, start-ups and innovators worldwide. He has most recently published the book “ Finding the Right it ”, which is a commendable work that provides a thorough introduction to pretotyping. At the same time, it dives a sod deeper into why the method is worth using.

At Google, Alberto led the team that, among other things, created successes such as Google Adwords (today Google Ads), and was named Google’s Innovation Agitator. Alberto’s task was to find the method that would create the most successful products and reduce the risk of putting bad ideas to market. With this, pretotyping was born.


Ready to talk?

Tim is pree.to’s co.founder and Europe’s #1 pretotyping expert.

During a short meeting with Tim, he will tell you more about how we can turn your business ideas into live experiments to get market validated insights.