Imagine knowing how your products and services will perform in the market before you invest a lot of resources into development—that's what we do.

Trusted by innovative companies worldwide
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Why companies like LEGO, Novo Nordisk, and Maersk trust us with the most important part of their innovation

innovation diagram - gain certainty in product desirability and market viability before investing in developing the product

We provide certainty so you don't waste resources on products that won't sell.

We turn your business concept into an online experience, making the product look as real as if it was already on the market. This approach allows customers to engage authentically, revealing their true behaviors rather than well-meaning opinions.

This realistic simulation provides insights that will enable you to decide whether to proceed, adjust, or pivot, ensuring every step is backed by validated market data.

Why validate before going all in?

Stay competitive by accelerating your speed to market.

Mitigate risks by ensuring there’s a real market demand.

Avoid costly mistakes by constantly making informed decisions.

Understand how the market truly reacts beyond opinions.

Your needs, our tailored solutions

For more than 12 years, we've helped global companies gain certainty in their innovation. Our delivery model makes the process faster and more cost-effective. We handle everything from concept to testing and analysis, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your innovation. Our insights will guide you in consistently launching successful products.

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Will potential customers pay for this?

Market validation preview for SanteCare to validate if potential customers would pay for a new ECG app.
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Who are the potential customers?

Market validation preview for Tryg's new concept, Trisky, to identify potential customer segments for a new accounting concept
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Which features do people want to pay for?

Market validation preview for Ahearo to identify if potential customers would pay for different features of new hearing aids
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Does the market understand the value proposition?

Market validation preview for FDM's new product concept to validate if potential customers would understand the value proposition.
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Why spend years and pour millions into products destined to fail?

Our delivery model ensures a way faster decision-making and a whole lot more cost-effective path to success.

Trusted by innovative companies worldwide

Our clients choose us for the assurance we provide in shaping tomorrow's successes.

  • "For those daring to challenge norms and seeking explosive innovation and productivity, is a beacon of inspiration."

    Anders Vognsen

    Anders Vognsen

    Director, Novo Nordisk

  • "Fast-paced and agile, they delivered critical market feedback of our new product offering before we launch at a rapid pace."

    Janna Berg

    Janna Berg

    Senior Brand Manager, Nestlé

  • " provided invaluable knowledge of what works and which darlings should be dropped. So be prepared to get wiser!"

    Kåre Carlsen

    Kåre Carlsen

    Head of Innovation, FDM

  • "'s approach is a method that cannot be ignored by those who want to innovate effectively."

    Søren Christian Søndergaard Poulsen

    Søren Christian Søndergaard Poulsen

    Senior Director, ATP

  • "With, we obtained invaluable insights into our customers’ sincere intentions - and not just the usual “I would probably buy the product if it was available” kind of feedback."

    Nicolai Karger

    Nicolai Karger

    Head of Demand Management, Telia Telecom Company

Ensure every innovation investment pays off.

Let's discuss your innovation goals!

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