The future of insurance:
How to apply real-time market analytics and AI in the most optimal way for insurance innovation

Join Tim Vang (Europe's leading pretotyping expert) and Tryg's Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery, Line Dalsfort, as they discuss the crucial topic of mitigating risks when driving sustainable growth through innovation. 


Steer towards success and learn how to innovate for profit from the leading insurance company in Scandinavia

Online Webinar | 15 February 2023 (Wednesday), 10:00 CET

Join Tim Vang and Line Dalsfort as they bring you their expert insights on navigating the choppy waters of innovation within the insurance industry. They dive deep into the risks and challenges of innovation and show you how to overcome them using a proven process.

Get ready to learn how to create valuable products that bring in new revenue streams and keep you ahead of the curve in these tough times. 

Risk mitigation in insurance innovation: Navigating risks for sustainable growth

Pretotyping: The systematic approach to success

Real market insights: Tracking customer behavior as an effective measure of customer feedback

The need for efficiency: Leveraging AI tools in innovation

Meet your hosts

Tim Vang


Tim is a true innovator and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He's a pioneer in crowdfunding and has been awarded the Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2013. Tim is also the founder of, helping organizations create products that the market truly wants. He's an author and a true advocate for pretotyping, and you'll feel his passion for innovation the moment you meet him.

Line Dalsfort

Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery, Tryg

Line is shaking up the insurance industry with her game-changing approach to innovation. With over 15 years of experience in the insurance landscape, Line knows what it takes to create value for both businesses and customers alike. As the Head of the Nordic Innovation Discovery team at Tryg, she's on a mission to uncover new business solutions and drive long-term growth. Whether she's working with startups or industry partners, Line's expertise in user-driven development and innovative problem-solving always leads to cutting-edge solutions for the insurance market


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