Take the guesswork out of your product development with our data-driven market research and validation

We help telco companies test and validate new products and services early in the stage-gate process, so you make informed and data-driven product development decisions.

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Don't waste time and resources on developing products that may not meet market demand. 

The risk of failure is always present when launching a new product in the market. Getting your market research and validation wrong can lead to costly mistakes. 

That's where we come in.

Better understand your target customers

Our test setup is designed to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data to give you better insights befor making further development decisions.

Test in the real market and avoid opinions

We test your new products and services in the real market to obtain unbiased insights and analyze customer data to identify patterns and trends that can inform your product development decisions.

Know the market's real buying intent

Our market research process is based on proven methods that eliminate guesswork in your innovation and product development. We provide unbiased market insights based on real customer behavior. 

"With, we obtained invaluable insights into our customers’ sincere intentions - and not just the usual “I would probably buy the product if it was available” kind of feedback."

Nicolai Karger

Head of Demand Management, Telia Company

Validation as a Service (VaaS)

We are your extended market research team that handles all of your market validation and testing needs.

Our Validation as a Service (VaaS) offers a full testing setup that allows you to safely and quickly test assumptions about new and existing telco products and services. Working with us means you can focus your investment on what matters most: driving innovation and growth for your company.

Our way of working also offers significant cost savings and risk mitigation, making it a smart choice if your organization is aiming to optimize your resources in these challenging economic times.



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