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Validation as a Service (VaaS)

Your innovation and product development partner

With VaaS, we don't just execute all your market validation tests systematically, we also guide you through every stage of your innovation process. Our goal is to help you get structured with your innovation process so that iterative testing becomes second nature to your innovation DNA. 

data-driven stage gate innovation process

With each market validation test, you gain actionable data that guide you throughout your innovation process

Our market validation tests are tailor-made to match your product assumptions at each stage in the innovation process - the more validated assumptions, the more your product moves through the gates of the innovation process.


Insights for every market validation test

A final report with the data and findings from the market test is handed to your team after every validation test run. You'll obtain critical insights to make informed product decisions.

Why work with us?

Partner with us and gain access to our market validation expertise that will help you avoid costly development mistakes and build products that your customers truly want.

You gain a team of specialized experts with years of experience helping established companies conduct market research and validation.

You learn to innovate using a proven process that will help your innovation team systematically filter out ideas objectively and successfully generate new revenue streams.

With as a partner, you maintain a balance between innovation and risks, as you invest more in new products that have been market validated objectively.

Iterative testing based on real buying intent becomes second nature to your innovation DNA, as we continue to guide you with developing measurable and testable assumptions.

Our team is made up of innovation experts, concept developers, campaign strategists, copywriters, data analysts, and project managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Market validation test

What is 'real buying intent'?

With our process, we measure how the targeted customers genuinely react when they see the new product offering. We track and analyze customer behavior to determine how they interact with your product and their willingness to pay. 

How does's process differ from MVP?

We are experts in the field of pretotyping and we utilize this process greatly in our market validation tests.  

MVP involves testing a functional prototype to gather feedback and make adjustments to create a better product. Pretotyping, on the other hand, is about creating a simulated experience to test the demand for the product idea, saving time and money. With pretotyping, you can obtain authentic feedback and accurately gauge market interest, and the visual element can be a powerful driver in assessing user engagement and buying intent.

We use pretotyping as the first steps in the innovation process to make informed decisions, so you can eventually launch an MVP that aligns with market demands.

How does's process differ from focus groups?

Focus groups gather opinions, but can be limited as people may say one thing but do another. Our validation process is inspired by the Pretotyping method, and it allows for tracking and analyzing customer behavior to gain insights into their interests, motivations, and barriers.

It provides us with a way to conduct behavioral analysis, which is less prone to groupthink than focus groups, as it studies individuals in natural environments. This leads to a more accurate understanding of behavior and preferences.

Our process can complement focus groups in gaining a holistic view of customer needs and preferences.

How long does one validation test take?

Depending on the complexity of the product being tested, the type of test, and its innovation stage, the process from concept planning to data reporting could take between 4 to 8 weeks. However, if your company is a VaaS client, validation tests generally are shorter, as we make sure that your whole team gets onboarded properly and process gets smoother and clearer more we collaborate.

Can we learn and execute the market validation process internally and have as a consulting partner.

Yes. We have worked with different clients in consulting terms and provide workshops and training to get your team structured. 


What are's services?

Our main service is through our Validation as a Service (VaaS), where we become long-term partners of your innovation and product development teams. However, we do offer consulting services specialized in ideation, innovation, and market research and testing, as well as different workshops. 

What do we get with booking a free meeting with consultants?

During the 25-minute meeting, we get to know your innovation and product goals and determine how can help you with your innovation strategy moving forward. We'll also introduce how our market validation test works to give you a better understanding of how this fits into your existing process.

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