Validating market interest and brand concepts for Tryg's new digital solution

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About Tryg

Tryg is the largest non-life insurance company in Scandinavia. The Nordic Innovation Discovery team at Tryg is leading its innovation intending to de-risk new businesses through market research and validation and, at the same time, create new and valuable products for their customers.

The Product

A new digital solution that can be integrated directly into the users' ERP system or economic platform to leverage data analysis and provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with an insurance risk overview. Currently available on Visma economic, where it registers any changes in SMB operations and quickly informs of the corresponding impact on the overall risk assessment.

The test was conducted at the early stage of the product's innovation process to help Tryg make informed decisions throughout their innovation stage-gate model.

The Challenge

Create a test setup that simulates the core experience of the digital solution presented in different concepts to better understand the target audience and track how they behave when interacting with the product offering. The test aims to identify the following:

Get an early indication of the overall curiosity and market interest of the product

How the product could be positioned in the market in terms of branding and platform 

Brand 1: presented as a mobile app

Brand 2: presented as a web platform


The results highlight the importance of carefully considering and strategically incorporating elements that will capture and maintain the attention of the target audience. Elements of Trisky stood out more and indicate that operating through an app piqued the interest of potential users.

*The test includes more data on online customer behavior that is not presented in this case study.

"With, we got access to experts that tested our business ideas in the market from A-Z. We received crucial input that challenged our starting point and lifted our ideas to even greater heights."

Line Dalsfort

Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery, Tryg

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