We help you bring the right ideas to market.

We are your partner in conducting market validation tests for new ideas with our Flashtest method. We conduct live experiments by building the entire online set-up in a way as if your product already exists. We also offer corporate workshops and talks to educate your team about the Flashtest mindset and facilitate the integration of Flashtest onto your idea validation process.

Our services


pree.to offers Flashtest to with innovative companies around the world to help them validate their new ideas quickly and cheaply. With our Flashtest approach, we turn your idea into an online set-up to capture how an audience react, thus, obtaining unbiased insights of your idea’s potential in the market.

Workshops & talks

pree.to was founded with a mission to elevate the mindset of innovators. For years, our co-founder Tim Vang and the rest of the pree.to team have led many industries into the customer-centric approach of innovation and idea validation through a series of pretotyping workshops.

With our workshops and talks, we help facilitate the integration of Flashtest onto your innovation process. We educate teams within organizations on the Flashtest mindset to learn how to incorporate the process into their own innovation strategy.

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today. Fail today and succeed sooner!


Ready to talk?

Tim is pree.to’s co.founder and Europe’s #1 pretotyping expert.

During a short meeting with Tim, he will tell you more about how we can turn your business ideas into live experiments to get market validated insights.